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“More than 32 people die every minute
from Heart Disease...

...whilst reading this another 4 have joined them...

Don't let the next person be you...”

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Heart Disease is the leading cause of death in the Western World. It doesn't discriminate: young, old, male, female – can all be struck down or debilitated by its ruthless almost unpredictable nature...

But you DON'T have to be it's NEXT victim!!!!

The Healthy Heart is a website dedicated to treating and reversing heart problems without resorting to medication!

The site will constantly grow and evolve covering treatments for heart disease, high blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides – in fact anything that will improve general heart health!

The initial book in the series will cover CHOLESTEROL and how to prevent and reverse its accumulation in the body without resorting to drugs. I will show you how to reduce, cut down and stop any medications that you are on because (despite what you may have been told) they are not the answer – and they may actually being doing you more harm than good!

For example, most doctors believe that the benefits of statin drugs outweigh their side effects – but this is simply not true...

Many studies show only minimal improvements and two major studies actually showed more deaths occurred whilst taking these drugsand the longer you take them the greater the risks!

It is true that if the cholesterol circulating in your bloodstream isn’t regularly removed it can deposit on the walls of your arteries. And it is also true that a build up of these deposits can reduce the amount of blood flowing through your arteries and veins decreasing the way your body performs and reducing your ability to function as you should.

As this build up increases the blood vessels become hard and inflexible and if left untreated this build up or atherosclerosis (to give it a technical name) may eventually kill you…

But that doesn't have to be the way...

The drugs may kill you first!

But there is another way...

A NATURAL way...

An EASIER way....

And a far HEALTHIER way...

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World-wide, doctors wrote more than 300 million prescriptions for statins in 2009-10, they are the top selling drugs in most countries and yet still the number of heart attacks, strokes and cardiovascular disease is increasing!

In fact, the use of statin medications has been increasing by an average of 12 per cent a year, and this is a trend that is likely to continue!

Their sales are increasing almost exponentially – yet still people are dropping like flies...

A study from Harvard has shown that statins don’t reduce the number of deaths, even among those with a known heart condition – in fact they showed no positive effects whatsoever on those that took them!

Nor did they in a study called Prosper, published in The Lancet which studied statin use in people 70 and older...

Nor did they in a review in the Journal of the American Medical Association, which looked at 13 studies of nearly 20,000 women, both healthy and with established heart disease....

All of this shows that far too many people are taking these drugs with no positive outcome – and they may actually be may be causing the heart conditions they’re supposed to be preventing.

So what can you do...?

“How To Lower Your Cholesterol – Naturally” will show you how to lower your bad cholesterol and raise your good cholesterol – simply and effectively!

All you need are a few simple supplements – which are all readily available, and a few small, subtle and easy changes to the foods that you eat and you are well on your way to restoring your cholesterol levels to normal – if not better!

“How To Lower Your Cholesterol – Naturally” will show you…

How statin medications can make your heart problems worse!
Over twenty common side-effects that you can suffer from these medications and I know you will have at least one!
Simple dietary changes that you can make that will improve you cholesterol levels in days…
How fruit and vegetables can make a dramatic difference to your heart and which ones really work!
Why you should be eating chocolate – now I know that’s got your attention!!!
How to increase the amount of fibre in your diet without really trying (and this alone will bring about multiple benefits!)
The different types of fats that are out there and which one are good for you and which aren’t – and you may be surprised at these findings (especially if you like your meat!)
How to de-stress (I will even show you how to meditate without trying) to reduce your cholesterol.
How to exercise without even knowing you are doing it!
The effects of smoking and drinking on cholesteroland why you should still consume a couple of glasses of your favourite tipple!
Over 10 different supplements that are all guaranteed to work – and the one supplement that if taken in the right dosages has always been found to stop, reduce and clear cholesterol from anybody!

“How To Lower Your Cholesterol - Naturally” will show you the simple steps you can take to reduce your bad cholesterol, increase your good cholesterol and improve your health – all without drugs!

And if you think these claims are wild there is a section of references from scientific papers that back up these statements! Don’t be fooled by the drug companies – most heart medications are ineffective!

You can reduce your cholesterol now both easily and naturally – and “How To Lower Your Cholesterol – Naturally” will show you how!

Live longer!

Live healthier!

Live drug free!

And Start living NOW

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